Universal Serial Bus 通用串行总线 2012 - 2020

field recording, USB with sculpture in clay, desktop application 田野录音,闪存盘泥塑,桌面应用

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We Chose the Moon 我们选择了月球 2016

intervention in elevator, motion sensored sound player 电梯公共空间介入,动感应声音播放器

When people enter the elevator, a voice is triggered to play through the motion sensored sound player -- "Hello from the children of planet Earth". The soundtrack is originally from the Greetings to the Universe in the Voyager Golden Record issued by NASA in 1978. The initiative of these "interterrestrial messages" -- the desire of knowing the other and the coveting of territorial expansion, are co-opted by the geopolitcal tensions since Cold War. Reversing the message senders into receivers offers a way to reflect on the alien nature of human.

进入电梯时一个声音会通过运动感应声音播放器触发 -- “来自地球儿童的问候”。这个音轨原自美国宇航局1978年发行的 《旅行者金唱片》中的“对宇宙的问候”。“星际信息交流”的发起 -- 了解“他者”的欲望和对领地扩张的觊觎,与冷战以来的地缘政治共谋。 将信息发送者反转为接受者,为反思人类的外星本质提供了一种方式。

USELESS AD/MUSIC/WORK 无用功/无用广告/无用音乐 2015

intervention 公共空间介入