Universal Serial Bus

The Universal Serial Bus is an easy-listening trip to be heard but not listened to. The hours-long ambient sounds in the release are field recordings that are processed through X’s learnt listening patterns. Perceiving the surrounding spectrum in harmonics, X tunes the body as an interface to the recorded fields. At the nexus of noise and music, the USB is an extension to X’s long term project in the sonic banality of “useless music”, a counterproductive twist to muzak’s total design of background music.

“I would describe it as listening to great music in a room surrounded by very little music. When you feel it, USB sounded the best. From warped machine sounds, to the triumphant electromagnetic-samples, to the mysterious windy signal jam, USB gives me the sense of an ordinary person going about his life.”

“…a similar sound fingerprint for ‘households’, ‘streets and ‘birds’ had already been found, but offered no further details as to the sound sources. IKEA also included various USBs for their showrooms, including its kitchens, living rooms and other interior spaces. Some of the combinations of these natural-sounding sounds could be an alternative to listening to it in the room itself, especially in quiet environments”

“In this sense, it is something passive; its accompaniment by sound is intended to be a marginal piece of sound, a discreet vehicle that might be better understood as an editorial device than as a potential repository of music.”


《通用串行总线》是一场听而不闻的轻松之旅。这张专辑中长达数小时的环境声音,是通过X的习得聆听模式处理的田野录音。通过对感知周围频谱为谐波,X将身体作为一个接口,与所记录的音场进行调音。在噪音与音乐的交汇处,USB是X长期以来在 “无用音乐 “的声学平庸性上的延伸,是对muzak的背景音乐整体设计的反转。




Limited edition of 25 Custom USB drives. Each USB features 15 tracks of field recordings, sculpture in clay, and a desktop application (MAC only). 定制闪存盘限量25版。每一个闪存盘包含了15轨田野录音、粘土雕塑以及苹果桌面应用程序。

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desktop application (macos only)