Today, You Ovulate

2015 ongoing Multimedia Performance (one channel video, silent, color, 12'35'', live sound improvisation, choreography)

Today, You Ovulate is an ongoing study on the internet social discourse around femininity through multimedia interactive performances. Appeared as notifications on a "womanhood demystified" female-care app, phrases (including "Today, You Ovulate") that are chanted over and over again weave a melodic tapestry of speech to sound illusion. These combinations of words are never being spoken in real life but being communicated in a virtual community. Enabling the audibility of the words in addition to visuals and site-specific choreography create a live theatrical reality.

+ Past Performances

2015.12.12 "I Always See the Image that I Want" Synthetic Zero, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, US
2016.1.16 Long Winter Festival, Toronto, Canada

Photo credit: Casper Wang