Today, You Ovulate

2015 ongoing Performance (one channel video, silent, color, 12'35'', live sound improvisation, choreography)

photo credit: casper wang

Today, You Ovulate is an ongoing study on the internet social discourse around femininity through multimedia interactive performances. Appeared as notifications on a "womanhood demystified" female-care app, phrases (including "Today, You Ovulate") that are chanted over and over again weave a melodic tapestry of speech to sound illusion. These combinations of words are never being spoken in real life but being communicated in a virtual community. Enabling the audibility of the words in addition to visuals and site-specific choreography create a live theatrical reality.

+ Past Performances

2015.12.12 "I Always See the Image that I Want" Synthetic Zero, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, US
2016.1.16 Long Winter Festival, Toronto, Canada