The Spectacles Before Us Were Indeed Sublime 我们眼前的景观实为庄严

Overture 序曲

Overture 序曲 2019 - 2020

duration & dimension variable 时长尺寸可变

data visualization of VR user paths (in collaboration with Jonathan Carroll) 虚拟现实用户路径的数据可视化(与乔纳森·卡罗尔合作)

The Spectacles Before Us Were Indeed Sublime depicts a fictional voyage on a cruise ship named E.

Bending spacetime in a first-person narrative, the project uses cruise imagery as a speculative vantage point for reimagining the colonial past in the shared present, and gestures towards the cultural implications of maritime voyage as not only the starting point of modern global colonialism, but of segregated diaspora and migration more broadly. 

On the metaphysical level, Spectacles researches the ocean as an archetype of the unconscious that is in constant transmutation and translates the oceanic into tangible experiences channeling the planetary sensorium from a perspective that is towards an ontology of wave.

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