The Spectacles Before Us Were Indeed Sublime

2018 Two Channel 4K video (b/w, stereo sound), Galvanized Plano-concave Structure

The Spectacles Before Us Were Indeed Sublime conceives of a fictional voyage on a cruise ship titled E. As a speculative vantage point for reimagining the colonial past in our shared present, the project unfolds the multi-layered cultural implications of maritime voyage which is not only the starting point of modern global colonialism, but also one of the segregated diaspora and migration. The presented coda chapter consisting of two channel videos is also the beginning of a first-person narrative. The first channel shows the front deck view where the ship flag is located, announcing the various possible destinations. Like every song is bound to reach its coda, the voyage is heading for wherever it is heading towards. The second channel is the rear view of a moving ship that depicts the undulating water wakes, boundless ocean and sky. Navigating in the uncharted waters that the virtual time-space simulates, the ship is a perpetual departure from the past, from the familiar.

Commissioned by Trinity Square Video for its 2018 Annual Themed Exhibition