Symphony Of(f)

2014 - 2015 Intervention (XEROX), Installation (SERIGRAPHY)

Installation 33.1'' x 46.8''



Symphony off is a revisit to Max Neuhaus's "Sound Walks" in which Neuhaus provided an instruction for the participants to take on listening tour of local urban soundscapes. The audience who attended the "concert" (1960s), or were the owners of the postcards that read "listen" (1970s) were all active listeners under the guidance to focus on their auditory perspective. Instead, Symphony Off uses common tools of activism (flyers and posters), in order to extend the stage of everydayness to a larger audience. The simple modality is an almost violent pause that enables whoever sees the sign to become the audience and then be activated aurally. Listen. But listen to what? Hear what? The subject is whatever "you" hear the moment "you" see LISTEN. The inaudibility provokes a way of listening, raising questions to be pondered on thus resulting in an internal loop of listening in mind - mind of the ear, mind’s ear - subjectivities in the experience of listening is in a constant flux. Additionally, the sign is meant to awaken the aural sense from the dominant retinal sensation that is immersed in the hypnosis of modern visual culture.