It Takes Spirals to Feed the Spiral

It Takes Spirals to Feed the Spiral is a multimedia installation exploring the spiral as an archetype to reimagine conceptions of space and time. Through an integrated textual-sonic-visual experience, the installation invites the audience to weave their own meaning systems.

The project unfolds the spiraling force that is found in the fundamental geometric pattern of matter and the creative healing processes that occur in the psyche of the human beings; which is also underlying in the ancestry knowledge of historical and geographical divination as well as the temporal and spatial logic of colonial origins and cybernetic capitalism.

The immersive vinyl prints constitute a three-dimensional diagram, drawing connections from practices, theories, and narratives of various fields and cultures. The extensive research ranges from mathematics to biology, from nanoscopic imaging to galactic simulation, from ancient civilization to sci-fiction time-travels, and from accelerationist spiromancy to post-colonial cultural movements. Scattered verses written by the artist in collaboration with the AI systems can be found through pattern recognition of an AR application. The installation also features seemingly never-ending video prose that is composed of AI-driven sequences and generative animations. The accompanying soundtrack is an experimental sound poem that blends algorithmic composition with the improvisation of ritualistic sounds and vocalizations.

This project is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.