• TALK
2018.12 EveryLetterCyborg V1.3, InterAccess, Toronto, Canada
2018.12 EMERGENTS I - Grace Scheele + Xuan Ye, Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018.11 The Lonely Spirit, Beijing Inside-out Art Museum, Beijing, China
2018.11 Workshop丨From Oulipo to Generative Art, Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School, Beijing, China
2018.10 2018 Digital Artist-In Residence Program, InterAccess, Toronto, Canada
2018.09 Equity Bank Emerging Digital Artists Award 2018, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
2018.09 Guest Speaker, Intermedia Fundamentals (Instructor - Marc Couroux), York University, Toronto, Canada
2018.09 Border Resonance (curated by Zhang Wenxin & Hu Hao), Goethe-Institut, Beijing, China
2018.08 The Stories that Tell Stories, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
2018.06 XENOYOGA((I REALLY WANT SOME)), Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center, Buffalo, US
2018.06 Invisible Out / New Tendencies / Mitchell Akiyama, Handlebar, Toronto, Canada
2018.05 Colin Fisher LP Release - ACT! / Xuan Ye / Rev Marco D'Andrea, Double Double Land, Toronto, Canada
2018.05 Strangewaves Presents - Xuan Ye / YlangYlang / PHEW, This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton, Canada
2018.05 ╰(*8:8:8*)╯♡ (curated by Žana Kozomora), Idea Exchange, Cambridge, Canada
2018.04 CARES / Xuan Ye / Alex Zhang Hungtai, Double Double Land, Toronto, Canada
2018.03 Life of The True, Martin Goya Business, Hangzhou, China
2018.03 Et Cetera, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
2018.03 Navigating The Cyber Sea Symposium, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018.02 Fertile Window Artist Book Launch, Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
2018.01 Baconitiate™ Launch, Brandscape (Tough Guy Mountain), Toronto, Canada
2018.01 Xuan Ye - Colin Fisher Duo, Tranzac, Toronto, Canada
2018.01 New Chance / ZOE / Invisible Out / HEXZUUL, Smiling Buddha, Toronto, Canada
2017.11 WHIMM / Ice Cream / Que Lastima / Invisible Out, The Baby G, Toronto, Canada
2017.11 The Wrong Biennale, Online
2017.10 Xuan Ye - Colin Fisher Duo, Tranzac, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 Quiet Concerts (Invisible Unity), Scarborough Civic Centre Library, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 ANAMAI / YlangYlang / Xuan Ye + David Jones, The Baby G, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 I Think It’s Useful, MFA/PhD Visual Arts Group Exhibition, Gales Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 Plant Music, Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 INTERSECTION, Younge-Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada
2017.09 Y+XVK, Y+ Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2017.08 CARE - Roundtable Residency Group Exhibition, Dragon Academy, Toronto, Canada
2017.08 Track Could Bend 29 (Invisible Out / Tom Richards / BABEL), The Steady, Toronto, Canada
2017.07 XVK Press Conference, Big on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture, Toronto, Canada
2017.07 The Women's Hour (Interview), Radio Regent, Toronto, Canada
2017.07 Roundtable Residency, Dragon Academy, Toronto, Canada
2017.06 Guest Speaker, Foundation Studies in Studio (Instructor - Juliana Pivato), University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
2017.06 ༜༜༜cutecuteride8, SP Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017.06 art (i f)acts (curated by Belinda Ho-yan Kwan), AGYU off-site at Gales Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017.05 185668232 / Fleshtone Aura / Xuan Ye + David Jones, Double Double Land, Toronto, Canada
2017.05 OBEY Convention X, Halifax, Canada
2017.04 Art @ Suite 500, Miles S. Nadal Management Centre, Toronto, Canada
2017.04 CHANNEL Nᵒ3.2, The Steady, Toronto, Canada
2017.04 Kazoo! Fest 2017, Guelph, Canada
2017.04 Rummaging - Making Sounds with Stuff, Electric Perfume, Toronto, Canada
2017.02 The 5th Annual Somewhere There Creative Music Festival, Tranzac Club, Toronto, Canada
2017.01 DJXenoYoga @ CHANNEL Nᵒ2, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2017.01 What You See is Where You Go, AGYU Vitrines, Toronto, Canada
2016.12 Frictional - Making Sounds with Stuff, Electric Perfume, Toronto, Canada
2016.11 Nite Comfort 39 (Moon McMullen, Xuan Ye), Handlebar, Toronto, Canada
2016.09 Banyan Travel Agency (Banyan Commune Project), Times Museum, Guangzhou, China
2016.08 D I A N E T I C S . V, Electric Perfume, Toronto, Canada
2016.08 Abundant Habitat Festival, Tranzac Club, Toronto, Canada
2016.08 trio w/ Sean Ali + Jason Doell, Downtown Music Gallery, New York, US
2016.07 Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, Canada
2016.07 NASA (Noise Against Sexual Assault), Double Double Land, Toronto, Canada
2016.07 Audiopollination 44.1 (duo w/ Brian Abbott), Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2016.06 Solonation 2016, Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2016.05 Mixer (Christof Migone), 21C Music Festival (in partnership with MOCCA), The Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada
2016.05 Xuan Ye / Not the Wind, Not the Flag / Xu Shaoyang, Burdock, Toronto, Canada
2016.04 Noiqouvdcseality (curated by Claude Wittmann), Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2016.04 coexisDance 78, Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2016.04 Track Could Bend First Anniversary All-Star Spectacular, Dundas Video, Toronto, Canada
2016.02 Audiopollination 39 (duo w/ David Jones), Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2016.01 Duration & Dialogue Performance Art Festival/Symposium, Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2016.01 Long Winter Festival, Great Hall, Toronto, Canada
2015.12 CH UR CH GIRLS (duo w/ Brigitte Bardon't), Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2015.12 The 5th Annual FASTER Christmas Show, Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2015.12 I Always See the Image that I Want, Bronx Art Space, Bronx, US
2015.11 Audiopollination 36 (duo w/Alexandr Nabokov), Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2015.11 Track Could Bend 8 (SlowPitchSound / APA / Vorvis + Thomson), Dundas Video, Toronto, Canada
2015.10 TRUST DON’T TRUST - MATERIAL REPRESENTATIONS, Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw, Poland
2015.10 Toronto Noise Now (APA / Brigitte Bardon't / HEXZUUL), Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, Canada
2015.09 Audiopollination 34.1 (duo w/ Brenda Joy Lem), Array Space, Toronto, Canada
2015.08 10½ TATAMI CONCERT 03, Rego Park, New York, US
2015.06 Orbiture - A tribute to Yoko Ono Morning Peace 2015, York Quay, Toronto, Canada
2015.05 10½ TATAMI CONCERT 02 - Winter, Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto, Canada
2015.05 Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting, Being Generations, Toronto, Canada
2015.05 Everything Without a Real Value is False, Being Generations, Toronto, Canada
2015.05 Live Cinema, Transit/Transform/Transmit, Being Generations, Toronto, Canada
2015.04 AMUSIA, HB Station Contemporary Art Research Center, Guangzhou, China
2015.03 Zoomin' Night, XP Club, Beijing, China
2015.03 10½ TATAMI CONCERT 01, Summerhill, Toronto, Canada
2014.10 Hair Hymn, Gallery 50, Toronto, Canada
2010.10 MOONROCK Solo Concert, 696LIVE, Shanghai, China