a.pureapparat.us is one of the many objects that inherit the prototype of Xuan Ye.

Xuan Ye makes media poetry that synthesize language, code, sound, body, image, data, light, and time. X’s mixed media installations and performances involve but are not limited to time-based media (sound, moving images), web application and software development, projection mapping and interactive computing, cross reality and cognitive technologies. Their recent work explores the poetic forces of media, coupling with non-human agencies to experiment with world-building and system-modelling in the speculative space of sensorium that is beyond our consciousness.

X’s installations have been exhibited and featured internationally, including Fonderie Darling (CA), Varley Art Gallery of Markham (CA), Canadian Art, Art Gallery of Ontario (CA), Vivid Projects (UK), Supermarket Art Fair (SE), InterAccess (CA), Inside-out Art Museum (CN), Goethe-Institut (Beijing & Montreal), ArtAsiaPacific, KUNSTFORUM (GE), Trinity Square Video (CA), the Wrong Biennale (URL), Galleri CC (SE), among others. X is a finalist of EQ Bank Digital Artists Award and a recipient of SSHRC scholarship.

As an experimental musician, X has been lauded as “one of Canada’s most exciting voices in textural soma” by EVERYSEEKER. X has performed at Music Gallery (CA), Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center (US), Suoni Per Il Popolo (CA), OBEY Convention (CA), Kazoo! Fest (CA), Electric Eclectics Festival (CA), Downtown Music Gallery (US), Zoomin’ Night (CN), Le Festival Croisements (CN), etc. X’s live performances and releases have also received critical accolades from Bandcamp, Musicworks and Exclaim!




近期个展包括CONTACT国际摄影节-瓦里美术馆-InterAccess电子媒体艺术中心(多场域二人展,2020), 多伦多PARI NADIMI画廊 (2019),蒙特利尔ELLEPHANT画廊 (2019),三一广场录像艺术中心 (2018);近期群展包括加拿大当代艺术博物馆 (2021),Fonderie Darling (2020),安大略美术馆 (2019),伯明翰Vivid Projects (2019),斯德哥尔摩独立艺术博览会 (2019),北京中间美术馆 (2018),北京歌德学院 (2018),错误新数码艺术双年展 (2017),中央循环画廊与瑞典电影学会 (2015) 等等。作品选入加拿大歌德学院“后人类主义”专刊,ArtAsiaPacific“新浪潮”专栏,德国艺术论坛“女性主义4.0”专刊;曾获多伦多艺术基金会,安大略省艺术基金会,加拿大艺术基金会的项目资助,公平银行新锐数字艺术家入围奖,以及加拿大社会科学和人文科学研究委员会奖学金。

X的现场声音表演被誉为“加拿大在材质身体领域最让人兴奋的声音之一”。曾表演于加拿大各大实验音乐节,黄边站,燥眠夜及中法文化之春。现场演出与专辑出版获得Bandcamp, Musicworks杂志以及Exclaim!杂志的好评。