I, It's, The

2017 - 2018 animation (silent, color, loop, 8 min), video projection, canvas scroll, metal structure on wheels, dead clock

“The sound of water says what I think.” -- Zhuangzi

I, It’s, The uses the Quick Typing mode embedded in smart phones to make sentences and email correspondences to myself. The process thus becomes a dialog between myself and the consumer-grade artificial intelligence system that enables the quick typing function.

Bakhtin posits that “the ideological becoming of a human being... is the process of selectively assimilating the words of others.” During the process of I, It’s, The, the human being cedes partial authorship to the machine, while the machine is tasked with assimilating the partially human. I, It’s, The enables the becoming of a posthuman body, during which the “self” dilutes.