2011 ongoing web installation (photography, writing and coding)

INDEX.PHP inkjet print on vellum paper, 11'' x 7.5''

Happiness (a specimen extracted from

From an other to the other ( is a single-page web installation that cumulates a personal history through the instant lens of photography and writing. It consists of fabled theories, far-fetched fallacies, and waves of the primitive impulses behind which I intellectualize as the Performance of Sensational Experience.

The webpage built on the structure of a blog displays one random blog entry everytime the browser is refreshed. The next entry that will be seen is uncertain. It could be repeated, or not. Because of the chronological nature of Blog, each post that showcases a photograph or a piece of writing is time-stamped. Although the time span that between each post is exhibited is almost imperceptible, browsing the webpage is a durational experience. The perception of time in the installation thus adds another dimension of narration to the immobile photographs and writings.

The concept was conceived in 2011. Materials included can be dated back to when I was 14-year-old and are updated on a regular basis. Stretching the timeline into the bigger picture, the webpage documents a non-linear visualization of Punctum as data and is essentially how I perceive, experience and contemplate on life as a concept of temporality through multiple general other to the specific Other. The impermanence that FAOTTO connotes also corroborates what Julian Stallabrass summarizes in Internet Art that “data on the net is in principle eternal and in practice ephemeral.”