2017 - 2018 

v1.3 interactive web installation, webVR, projection mapping, generative music

Interview with InterAccess (Dec 13, 2018)

v1.2 twitterbot @qletrcyborg, raspberry pi, thermal printer module, microphone stand, mirror plexiglass

v1.1 interactive web installation, tablet, keyboard, speakers

EveryLetterCyborg is computer-generated uncreative writing that uses existing text to generate new text through computer programming. The result is two applications (V1.1 and V1.2) using the same algorithm and the same source text. The algorithm is adapted from an arbitrary deterministic spelling through technique that Jackson Mac Low employed in the genesis of many poetry collections since the 1960s; and the source text is Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto (1984).

EveryLetterCyborg turns every letter into words that constitute the discourse of the Cyborg Manifesto. The output is made entirely out of words from the source text without following standard English syntax. The fragmented re-arrangement of the words is accumulated into lines that comprise a stanza, according to an entirely non-aesthetic law.

V 1.1 is an interactive installation that invites audience to input through a web interface and output speech-to-voice sounds into diffused echos. V 1.2 is a TwitterBot, that automatically inputs a random English word from an online dictionary database, tweets and prints the output twice a day. Withou exhaustion, V1.2 is a cybernetic organism programmed to only chant proses from the Cyborg Manifesto, building and destroying the “powerful infidel heteroglossia” (Haraway) and feeding back to the massive networked context of digital institutions inter-connected by normalized and bureaucratic APIs.