Et Cetera

2018 exhibition

Et Cetera is woven together with five works that are essentially five bodies of writings as digital poetry — a poetic practice that is made possible by digital media and technology in which aesthetic possibilities are extended through the semantic impact of alphabets, visuals, data, etc. Interlaced by multimedial meaning-making, Et Cetera re(produces) installations that are engineered in algorithmic materials utilizing real-time data feeds, animated letterforms, performative instructions and sensory synthesis.

Exploring different scenarios of human-machine coupling that consequently lead to multifarious illegibilities, Et Cetera amplifies the noise of information overflow in the concurrent mediascape with its rhizomatic networks that are largely beyond our conscious apprehension. On the B-side, Et Cetera is also involved with writing about the alphabetic writing apparatus, the role of artist as author as human-machine-centaur and the networked subjectivity.

20 – 31 March 2018, Trinity Square Video

"I forget,etc. (after X. Y.)"

exhibition text woven by Fan Wu

Black & metalic gold dual-tone risograph fold, printed by Color Code

I, It's, The


Fin (part of G=A=R=D=E=N)


EveryLetterCyborg V1.2


What You See is Where You Go


A Reader's Guide

Reader’s Guide is a sculptural diagram that maps out the shared logics and processes behind each work in Et Cetera.

Metal Sculpture, Mirror Film, Archival Inkjet Print on Vinyl, Algorithmic Music 2min, Animation Projection