Xuan Ye 叶轩 (CN/CA, they/them) is an artist, listener, creative technologist, and educator who works across and beyond these disciplines. They compose multimedia publications, installations, and performances through various technologies, often involving improvisation and computation. Xuan Ye currently lives and works in Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada.

This microsite is compiled as Xuan Ye’s application for 2023 admission to the Ph.D. program in Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University.

This microsite includes Ye’s 1 Primary Portfolio, 2 Supplemental Materials, 3 Personal Statement, and 4 Curriculum Vitae.

Primary Portfolio

Please click on the links to go to the individual page of each project. Please click on images for full-screen zoom-in views. The total length of all four listening and viewing experiences is approximately 15 minutes.

feng shan

project 1 (2016 – 2021)


A showreel showcasing excerpts from four of my audiovisual compositions and solo improvised performances.

link to project 1

project 2 (2021 – 2022)

It Takes Spirals to Feed the Spiral & The Spire Choir

solo exhibition & performance

This project weaves a multisensory network that connects nodes amongst various forms of worldbuilding through layers of transcoding between writing, voice, visuals and space. It explores the spiral as an archetype to re-imagine conceptions of space and time.

link to project 2

Garrulous Guts

project 3 (2019)

The Oral Logic

solo exhibition & performance

This project contemplates our dialectical relationships with technology through the metaphor of cannibalism, investigating the embodiment of machine voicing.

link to project 3

project 4 (2020)

What Lets Lethargy Dream Produce Lethargy’s Surplus Value

audiovisual installation

This project is rendered from a series of performances that explore the audiovisual of bio-data.

link to project 4