Automatic Poet R

2012 ongoing 

encounter - receive

2017, {∅}

re-encoded message, matter energies (water, earth, metal, wood, electricity), 59'' x 36''

As an iteration of the Automatic Poet R series, {∅} is an installation commissioned for the group exhibition art( i f)ACTS in responding to AGYU art collection, specifically to Joseph Drapell’s painting Of the Island (1967) in the archive.

Automatic Poet R starts from a process of photographing found rubber bands, accumulating an ever-expanding database of images. Enforcing a binary numerical system onto the forms of rubber bands, {∅} decodes the rubberband archive as a chronological sequence of binary data. The sonorous poem {∅} translates the information into a signal stream that triggers a 19 HZ sine wave generator on or off second by second. Enabled by a bass shaker that is installed underneath the water container and wood platform, the sound waves vibrate the water surface generating cymatic patterns.

Custom Audio Software developed by Jason Doell
art( i f)ACTS, curated by Belinda Ho-Yan Kwan, Curatorial Essay

2016, 142

archival pigment ink on rug paper

2013, R

Two-channel Video

The dynamic movements of rubber bands are choreography of elasticity. Given a momentum, rubber bands unfold infinite and unpredictable postures in freeze frames, transforming in rhythm. No matter still or moving, two dimensional or three, my fascination about rubber bands and elasticity is the comic order that implied in the uncertainty of their morphological changes.