All Tomorrow’s Oceans 所有明日的海洋

I scraped a database of stock photographs that are searched through keywords such as “ocean”, and fed the database through a generative adversarial network (GAN). The machine-generated images of ocean water and waves interrogate the notion of oceanic desire and its mass-media reproduction. The final video installation is sound reactive, featuring a sound performance where I vocalize mimicking whales and modulate my voice in real-time through a software that sequences the “recursive” rhythmic patterns found in humpback whale songs. The contradictory connotation of the title lies in that the ocean is an idea beyond spacetime. “All Tomorrow’s” expresses a timeless vision of symbiosis with nature, from the past to the present, and an ultimate nostalgia towards the ocean.

我用一个脚本扫描抓取以“海洋”等关键词搜索到的库存摄影图片,并将数据库送入生成式对抗网络(GAN)生成新的图像。这些由机器学习而生成的看似海水与浪的图片文本对海洋欲望的概念及其在大众媒体上的再生产提出了质疑。视频装置是反响式的,即声音频率实时调配视觉。在声音表演中,我模拟鲸咏发声,以座头鲸鲸歌中的 “递归”节奏模式作为音序,通过一个订制软件实时调制我的声音。标题中隐藏的矛盾意味在于,“海洋”是一种超越时空的观念。“所有明日的”表达一种从古至今隽永流长的与自然共生的愿景,以及对海洋的终极乡愁。