2018 web installation, generative music

Photo Credit: Polina Teif

IN BETWEEN () WE OSCILLATE animates pairs of English antonyms as data in the form of a sound wave spectrum. The words are fed through an antonym database found in an English-as-second-language (ESL) textbook. As the words scroll across the screen, a soundtrack is played back that encodes the visualization of all antonym pairs as one spectrogram into audible frequencies. Considering language as materials, and the web as infrastructure and site, IN BETWEEN () WE OSCILLATE sculpts a neon light that is always on the move, and therefore impossible to materialize in the physical realm. Its disquieting statement conveys the instability of language and meaning; we exist within the bifurcations, dilemmas, and dichotomies along the spectrum and continuum of oscillation.

IN BETWEEN () WE OSCILLATE is a web installation and an audiovisual prosody echoing the current global socio-political environment, where the proliferation of the digital and non-human, as well as diasporization and migration, point to a reality and subjectivity that are in a constant flux of oscillation.


Photo Credit: Yianni Tong