ERROAR!#4 The Oral Logic I

2019 one-channel HD video, interactive software, laser-engraved mirror and 3d prints, generative poetry on paper scroll

Erroar!#4 The Oral Logic = the phenomenon of "cannibalism" as a metaphor for cultural and technological assimilation ⊇ (cybernetic feedback ≈ auto-cannibalism)

Algorithmic sound composition: Jason Doell

The Erroar! series speaks to the errant and noise that emerge from experiments of artificial intelligence for understanding human’s cognitive functions, and how these technological errors open up new creative potentials that in return reconfigure our perceptions, affect and imaginations. Most visual-textual-sonic materials involved are generated from the process in which artist uses open data to train prevalent machine learning algorithms including RNN (recurrent neural network) and CNN (convolutional neural network).

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