What You See is Where You Go

2016 Installation (LED / electronics / wallpaper)

Making the enlarged icons that denote "loading", "pointing", and "typing" into commercial signs (LED/neon) magnifies this cognitive shift that once "zero-place rheme" has turned into "delome". Placing them in vitrines that patterned with seamless grey-white checkers (the background pattern indicating transparency in most graphic processing softwares), creates physical spaces that signify unknown vacuum ad infinitum.

WYIWYG that originally stands for "What You See is What You Get" here becomes "What You See is Where You Go", questioning where these symbols point to in the virtual realms, furthermore, where humans are navigating to.

+ Past Exhibitions

2017.01.19 - 2017.03.12 Art Gallery of York Univeristy (vitrines), Toronto, Canada