The Oral Logic by Xuan Ye

by Emily Fitzpatrick
Peripheral Review LINK ↗

filling the Klein bottle

by Belinda Kwan
Catalogue Essay PDF ↷

Xuan Ye: Plurality & Dissonance

by Sara Constant
Musicworks(Issue. 136) LINK ↗

Xuan Ye: The Oral Logic

by Joy Xiang
Canadian Art Magazine LINK ↗

Bending the light: a national survey of 10 artists

by Joy Xiang
Canadian Art Magazine PDF ↷

Wear Your Soul in Wordy Yesterday Gold

by Benjamin de Boer
Catalogue Essay PDF ↷

Improvisation and Intervention with Xuan Ye

XX Files Radio LINK ↗

Best Experimental Releases: Breath Fractals

by Marc Masters
Bandcamp Daily LINK ↗

Traces: Xuan Ye

Project 40 LINK ↗

Soft Refraction

by Theresa Wang & Mary Chen
Catalogue Essay PDF ↷

New Currents In Between

by Ophelia Lai
ArtAsiaPacific(Issue. 111) PDF ↷

L’IA et le génératif en art

by Nathalie Bachand
Goethe-Institut Montreal LINK ↗

Million Followers Popfeminismus und Online Kunst

by Andrea Zittlau
KUNSTFORUM International(Bd. 257) PDF ↷

Border Resonance

by Wenxin Zhang & Hao Hu
Catalogue Essay

气象:雾 Phenomenon Fog ARTIST BOOK


Fertile Window ARTIST BOOK

#craftof2018 PDF ↷

Fin 鳍/终


字字赛博格 (中文完整版)

Goethe-Institut Beijing PDF ↷

The Subversive Sounds of Toronto 2K17

by Griffin Martell

Xuan Ye at Halifax Music Co-Cop

by Eric Hill
Exclaim! LINK ↗

Xuan Ye at Kazoo

by Tom Beedham
Exclaim! LINK ↗

Why Xuan Ye Rules

by Jenn E. Norton
Kazoo! Fest LINK ↗

Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting

by James Beardmore
Weird Canada LINK ↗

Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting

by Kristel Jax
Musicworks(Issue. 124) LINK ↗


黄边站 《同时》 LINK ↗

空间音乐的历史 english-to-chinese translation

BeinGeneration 《集》 LINK ↗