Symphony Of

2015 Participatory Performance / Sound Installation

Symphony of Bathurst Station Participatory Performance 30’52''

4'06'' excerpt, 2015/5/27

Symphony of On Fat Herbs II Participatory Performance 46’30''

10'42'' excerpt, 2015/5/23

Symphony of On Fat Herbs I Sound Installation, 4'40''

Symphony Of is a symphony of vibrations -- sound, action and space. It's a proposal for site-specific sound performances which invites participants to explore sounds in their surroundings. Through the repetitive interactions between body and found objects existed in the space or simply the space itself, participants are encouraged to meditate on vibrating and listening. Texture and pattern form cadence and rhythm. Symphony Of sees the sound recordist as conductor, on the account that musical elements in the recording such as cueing and panning are communicated through the movement of the recordist. The participants are both audience and performers. In this regard, the final recording is a collective composition.

Symphony of On Fat Herbs I (a collaboration with Pedro Ferreira). The sound recording of the performance was later on exhibited as a sound installation in where it was recorded and performed. 2 Performers; Symphony of On Fat Herbs II was performed on the opening night of Everything Without a "Real" is False. Any passersby were allowed to enter the space and join the performance. 5 Performers; Symphony of Bathurst Station moved the environment outdoors. 2 Performers.