"One of Canada's most exciting voices in textural soma" - OBEY Convention X

"Sometimes silence is the most harrowing noise imaginable" - Mechanical Forest Sound

"...guided by a self-defined rule to never repeat the same setup. ‘A Pure Apparatus’ is emblematic of this ethos of improvisation" - Jenn E Norton

Xuan Ye (also known as APA) is a Toronto/China-based artist and performer whose body of work synthesizes music, performing and visual arts between which the boundaries are ever-blurring.

As her definition of (soma/sound) experiences morphs to suit multifarious situations and concepts, Xuan is techne agnostic in sculpting performances where object sounds, sound improvises, body transmutes, and space resonates — the manifested indeterminacy is a result of never-recurring formality. On top of “microphone agitations”, she is recognized for her visceral growls and howls, and nuanced cacophony channelled through voice which is described as “a weirding weapon” that produces “blasted shout-blues frozen on the one, in the pure now”.

Xuan also composes for recording, installation and film, apart from stage appearances. Her works have been performed and exhibited in North America, Europe and China, most recently at OBEY Convention (CA), Kazoo Fest (CA), New Museum (US), Downtown Music Gallery (US), Electric Eclectics Festival (CA), and 21C Music Festival (in partnership with MOCCA). Her latest tape release Der Stromausfall/Cloudbursting is critically acclaimed on Musicworks and Weird Canada.