Hair Hymn

2014 Performance (voice / blow dryer)
Hair Hymn

In the improvised performances of Hair Hymn, I sing hymn-like melodies while drying my hair with the use of a blow dryer. Ritualizing blow-drying, a common event in daily life, Hair Hymn creates an uncommon situation where the habitual cognition of people’s prior aural experiences are challenged. The sound of a blow dryer generally counted as harsh mechanical noise is counterposed to the harmonic tune of hymn which is associated with early music and its relation to the Divine. The plain juxtaposition of the two behaviors reexamines binary oppositions including machine vs human, nature vs culture, inborn vs invented. As the performance is over (the hairs are dried out), the aural experience is developing a familiarity with the counterposition/coexistence, so that the symbolic meanings that the dichotomies carry respectively are neutralized symbolically.

+ Past Performances

2014 Gallery 50, Toronto, Canada
2015 HB STATION Contemporary Art Research Centre, Guangzhou, China